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  On our experience comprises more than twenty years of professional experience in the industry:
electronics, automation, electrical engineering and computer science. We have already implemented several dozen major works and projects involving:
- Video monitoring systems and television CCTV
- Cable systems installations and satellite
- Alarm systems installations for persons and property protection
- Electrical and telecommunication installations
- Wired network installations - Internet

  Since 1989, we have been maintaining the Audio Video devices. Moreover from 2006 we have been repairing several electronics devices in buses - drivers, electronic boards, ticket validators, etc.  In 2009, we have introduced  a new way of replacing original  LCD display from OPTREX EUROPE GMBH  which production is discontinued and product is unavailable on  the  market  to  LCD  display  from ELECTRONIC RAYSTAR  company which is valuable replacement and found mainly in the dashboard buses.
  The  companies, who are offering  similar  services  of  exchange this type of LED display, are benefits from our solution.


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